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"Search it out and take it home. With the lights low, late at night, CHASING SLEEP should find its way under your skin, lodging there with its potent nightmare imagery. It certainly did for me."

           - AINT IT COOL NEWS  

"Although the viewer is meant to grow progressively suspicious of the protag's mental stability, sincerity and innocence, Daniels, who is center screen throughout, delivers a carefully calibrated performance that encourages one not to make up one's mind about the character until the final act.."

                   -  VARIETY      

"A smoothly crafted psychological thriller about a man who can no longer tell his waking life from his dormant one.  "Chasing Sleep" is the stuff of lingering dreams."



"Filmmaker Michael Walker provided one of the fest's most unexpected pleasures with the nifty little thriller "Chasing Sleep."  It's a little Lynch, a little Hitchcock, and, overall, a very entertaining directorial debut."


                  - SEATTLE TIMES

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